Requirements for admission-English

Requirements for admission of foreign students at Nakhchivan Teachers Institute:

  1. Foreigners whose educational documents correspond to the level of relevant educational programs adopted in the Republic of Azerbaijan may be admitted to the ranks of students. Documents required for the reception of foreign citizens:
  • Application addressed to the Rector (electronic application has the same force)
  • Certificate / diploma and price list / transcript (downloaded)
  • Health certificate
  • Original passport (downloaded)
  • 4 photos in 3×4 size (taken in the last 6 months)
  • Language certificate (if any)
  1. Admission to the institute is based on the submitted documents, interview and competition.
  2. Education at the Nakhchivan Teachers Institute is paid for foreigners. Tuition fees for all types of education are set by the institute.
  3. Foreigners must have the necessary level of knowledge of the Azerbaijani language to study at the institute. Language level is determined on the basis of an interview or exam. Those who do not have the required language level must take a training course.


Specialty programs


  • Azerbaijani language and literature teaching
  • Biology teaching
  • Physics teaching
  • Primary school teaching
  • Preschool education
  • Music teaching
  • Mathematics and computer science teaching
  • Informatics teaching
  • History teaching
  • Foreign language teaching (English)
  • Socio-psychological services in education
  • Fine arts teaching
  • Technology teaching
  • Librarianship and information activities



Master’s degree

  • Mathematics teaching
  • Pedagogy
  • Socio-psychological services in education
  • Fine arts teaching


Some of the lessons taught at Nakhchivan Teachers’ Institute:

  1. English
  2. Philosophy
  3. Sociology
  4. Logic
  5. Pedagogy
  6. Psychology
  7. Robotics and programming
  8. General physics
  9. Informatics
  10. Human anatomy
  11. Civil defense and first aid
  12. Microbiology
  13. Ethics and aesthetics

In addition, there are subjects related to their specialty.


It is necessary to transfer the amount of tuition fees corresponding to the level of education desired by foreign citizens to the bank account of the institute in advance.

Tuition costs:

Language preparation level -800 $ (dollars)

Bachelor’s degree – $ 1200 (dollars)

Master’s degree – $ 1300 (dollars)


Training is conducted in the following order:

  1. Education is conducted in a visual form. The duration of full-time education is 4 years.
  2. Classes are held on the basis of seminars and lectures. Lectures are given to students in advance by teachers. Seminars are evaluated according to the Bologna system.
  3. It is mandatory to hold subject collegiums three times during the semester in all courses. A student who does not attend the collegium is given a zero.
  4. Examinations are usually held in writing twice a year in January and June. Exam results are rated from “A” to “F”. A student who fails the exam will retake the exam in the next academic year in subgroups.

Admission stages and deadlines:

For language preparation courses:

One-year normal preparation (autumn period)

  1. Application – until May 1
  2. Document competition – 05 May
  3. Announcement of the results of the competition – on May 12
  4. Registration August 13-September 10


Half-year intensive training (spring)


  1. Application – until November 1
  2. Document competition – 05 November
  3. Announcement of the results of the competition – November 12
  4. Registration January 13-February 10


Visa information

All students must apply for a visa to visit Azerbaijan 3 months in advance. To obtain a complete list of documents required for a visa, you must apply to the Azerbaijani Embassy in the relevant country.

Foreign students must apply for a three-month student visa before coming to Azerbaijan. One month before the expiration of the visa, you must apply for a temporary residence permit to live in Azerbaijan for 1 year without any obstacles. The Department of Foreign Relations of the Nakhchivan Teachers Institute will help you get a migration card.


Letter to the Rector (PDF)


To: Nakhchivan Teachers Institute

Rector, Associate Professor Doctor A.S.Novruzov

Citizen of Nigeria…



I hereby submit all required documents to the Institute.

I would like you to accept me as a student of Nakhchivan Teachers Institute in the year 2021-2022.


Yours Faithfully

… ..





Engaged in the admission of foreign students:

Specialist of the Foreign Relations Department – Gunay Farajova,




Material and technical base and teaching opportunities of Nakhchivan Teachers’ Institute:

The six-storey Nakhchivan Teachers’ Institute has 23 ordinary and 20 specialized classrooms with four computer rooms and 16 electronic boards. The modern educational complex includes a library with traditional and electronic reading rooms, 15 subject cabinets, painting and sculpture workshops, including fine arts, geography, music, civil defense, medicine, Azerbaijani language, higher mathematics and computer science, life sciences, anatomy and others. Educational resources for them are provided with all the necessary inventory and given to faculty and students. There are separate public catering rooms for teachers and students, a medical service room and the “School” publishing house. For the first time in Azerbaijan’s higher education, 5 individual counseling rooms and a “Psychological Service” laboratory have been established here for teachers. A total of 158 personal computers, 16 laptops and projectors were provided for the use of students and teachers in the new educational building. There is a gym that meets modern standards.


Address: Nakhchivan city


Telephone number: 036 545 32 02